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Hairstyles for medium hair updos easy step by step

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hairstyles for medium hairHairstyles for medium hair reflect beauty of your face, the most important thing that should be perfect for your look are hairs. You have to take care of it because the only thing they need is your care. Before moving to a cut for it, first you have a look on your hairs. Different types of hairs need different type of look as they are. When you thought for a cut remember one thing must that it should be according to your type of hair and yes length also matters. For medium sized hairs and curl, many of the people thinks that it should not be suitable for curl hairs to have a layer cut but these thoughts are wrong. Every cut is suitable for curl hairs. Just to make sure that the cut we are having now is perfect.

It is also not important to go to your stylist for have a perfect cut , you can do it by your own. There is nothing so difficult if you have silky straight hairs then this cut will be look more perfect and beautiful for your hairs because for straight hairs, size doesn’t matter and every cut is suitable for it. Lets move to how to have a layer cut for medium sized hairs.
When you are having a cut by yourself then just to keep sure about only one thing that you a knowledge of using scissor in a correct way.

Hairstyles for medium straight hairs

Step 1: Brush your hairs well, wet your hairs with water spray,make sure all of your hairs are completely wet and again brush your hairs.

Step 2: Stand in front of your mirror, take five clips and you have to use one clip after another.

Step 3:Hold front side of hairs, take one lut from there should be of 2 cm in width and clip on it then just like this, use four clips on front side and one clip on back side. Remove first clip and hold it in your hand by seeing in you mirror cut it 2 cm long just from end point.

Step 4: Remove second clip that will be near to first lut and now join both of them, the length you have already cut for your first lut,just half of it length cut for second lut (1 cm). Keep it in mind that you have to move step by step. If first length you have choose to cut for your front first lut is 2 cm then second lut must be half of it mean 1 cm. This second cut you have to start from the end point of your first lut cut.

Step 5: After every cut, make sure that this cut starts from end point of your previous lut cut. Two cuts on left side, two on right side and one on back side and give a v-shape cut on back side lut.

Here the point is that, how you will get to know that the layer cut you have is perfect.The simplest and the most easiest way to check your layer cut is, check your first lut join it with the second and you will notice here that your first lut is above from second and all yours luts are starting from the end point of previous one.

Hairstyles for medium curl hairs

When you have curls, you have to make only four luts. Two from front side and two from back side.
Step 1: Comb your hairs, wet it completely with a fresh water spray.

Step 2: Make four luts and attach clips on them. Cut it according to above process by putting one lut on front right side and second on front left side,put other two luts on back side.

Step 3: Something is different here now,front side luts should be equal in length and width but higher than back side luts. For example you have cut front side luts of 4 cm then the back side luts should be of 2 cm while cutting and start its cut by joining both back side luts with front side luts and start cutting from the ending point of front luts.

You can also change your cutting lengths its all upto you but for hairstyles for medium hair this length is more appropriate. By successfully doing this, use a hair spray for its more better look and now you are ready to go out with a perfect and ambitious hair look but don’t tie it, let them open.

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