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How to remove acrylic nails with waterThe best thing you need to get rid of acrylic tes designs that are not at the stage of work with these nails for more time. Many of the solutions are given at other sides to remove the acrylic nails and to get your natural nails back. But some of the solutions are too difficult to understand and some of them are hard to use and some of them are just highly reactive that every woman fears to use it and as a result, they face so many problems and then go to salons for removing it and waste their a lot of money.

You can also see acrylic tes designs saib txawv designs ntawm tes.

They don’t know that now to remove acrylic nail is become more easy and easy to that extent as it can be removed at home by your own. Yog, it’s more surprising but true and don’t be surprised so much because here in this, I am going to tell you about how to remove acrylic nails with water, water is the thing that is easily available everywhere that also don’t require money so it makes the procedure easier and it is free of cost.
This method is given step by step right below here, follow this step and try it at your home, you will be satisfied with this method that is just so simple and the things easy to use and easily available at your home.

Yuav ua li cas kom tshem tawm acrylic tes nrog dej

Kauj ruam 1: You have to get rid of acrylic nails but in the very first step, get rid of your extra acrylic nails that can make difficult for you to remove your nails and for this, use a nail clipper and trim the extra acrylic nails first.

Kauj ruam 2: Take a bowl or you can also take a plate instead of using a bowl but bowl is more suitable for this task.

Kauj ruam 3: Take some water and warm it, when you will do in this doing take warm water and add it into a bowl.

Kauj ruam 4: Now the next thing you have to do is first put your right hand in the warm water bowl and soak your acrylic nails for 15-20 minutes but it’s all up to you, you can also take more time for soaking, it totally depends on you.

Kauj ruam 5: Take off your right hand and now put the left hand and soak your acrylic nails in warm water for about the same time that was given for your right hand i.e ( 15-20 feeb ).

Kauj ruam 6: Now at the same time, soak nails of your both hands and take off.

Kauj ruam 7: Clean it with a piece of neat clothe or by using a towel and you will see that your nails are removing very easily with no difficulty and now you can use a buffer for your natural nails to get it’s better to shape.

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