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E faapefea Ina ia Aveese fao Acrylic I Aiga aunoa ma le faaaogaina o Acetone

Nails are the most beautiful part of hands that enhances the beauty of hands and for this, it becomes too much important to take care of it and when you can’t, then you want to gave them a new look and for this, you don’t take care of it and just want to forget your real nails and you replace them with a fake fabulous look nails that are fao acrylic.

How To Remove Acrylic Nails At Home Without Using Acetone

Mostly acrylic nails are used by those women’s who just want to gave a new look everyday to their nails and by using these acrylic nails, after sometime they get to know that they were wrong because after it’s long use it becomes very rough that you can’t keep them more than one day and then you thought about removing them with acetone that can be harmful to your real nails or even to your skin too, so you also want to protect your skin and nails and to remove your acrylic nails also without harming real nails.

I have the two best methods that will surely gave a benefit to you and you don’t need to go to saloon, you can do it by your self at home and these methods are explained step by step so you can easily understand this method and can easily try it home and there is no add of acetone in it because by the usage of acetone it may proved to be very harmful as it may cause dangerous irritation or may be any other symptom you will see after removing nails. In both of these methods there is no acetone for removal.

Method 1: By using cutex:

laʻa 1:

I le muamua lava, you need some things which will be used for removing acrylic nails that are cutex, water and a bowl. Some of you don’t know about cutex so here i will first tell you about cutex that what is cutex? Cutex is actually the nail remover fluid and the main point for why we are using cutex instead of any other nail remover fluid because it is acetone free and in other may be acetone will be present there but here i am teaching you of how to remove acrylic nails at home without using acetone and other contains acetone while cutex is acetone free nail remover fluid.

laʻa 2:

Take a bowl and add 10 drops of water in a bowl.

laʻa 3:

To this water, add some drops of cutex and mix it well and remember one thing, your bowl must be hygienic and water must be purified, if water contains some impurities, no matter of what type these are, it may cause any reaction on your nails when it will be mixed with cutex.

laʻa 4:

Put your nails in a bowl and soak them in the mixture for 15-20 minutes and after this take off your hands from the bowl and wash it with pure water and clean it with a tissue well.

Method 2: By using nail varnish remover:

laʻa 1:

Take a small or medium sized plate and it should be hygienic and now take another plate.

laʻa 2:

Add nail varnish remover that will may be cutex or any other but if you are using cutex then it should be acetone free and must be of 100 ml.

laʻa 3:

In your first medium sized plate, add some water, it’s quantity may be excessive or you can take water up to your requirement.

laʻa 4:

Add nail varnish remover ( cutex 100 ml ) into the plate of water and then soak your nails for couple of time ( 10 i 15 minute ) and then take off your hands and you will notice that your nails are removing very easily.

These two methods are the best methods of removing acrylic nails with out any harmful effect.

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