Get Some Cool Acrylic Nail Designs for Easter

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One of the most amazing and interesting festival is Easter, Most of the christian women celebrate this festival by cleaning their house first , buying new clothes, buying new accessories and yes of course nails too. Easter is the festival where a lot of women go with and try latest fashion and trendy designs that are only made for Easter, making them inspired of it and make them curious to have such designs of acrylic nail.

Cool Acrylic Nail Designs for Easter:

Acrylic nail designs for Easter

When the day of Easter comes, most of the women walked out to salon to make a lot of different styles and designs for their nails and for that purpose they move towards acrylic nails, It is good but a lot of money and time is wasted in this. But here i will tell you about new and easy acrylic nail designs that you can do try to do it at home which will save your time and money too.

Here i am going to tell you those designs that will be suitable for this festival, and will make you look unique just check it out.

1: Violet and White Pitcher Sketch

A lot of colors are hangout by women at Easter but the one most gorgeous color and design that will make your Easter even more enjoyable and colorful is violet and white pitcher sketch and you should try out this acrylic nail design to look unique in Easter party. all the thing you need to do is, take a violet nail paint and apply it on all the acrylic nails except on thumbnail or middle finger nail. make a pitcher sketch design with white background, and also make a polka dots on it.

2: Orange and White Rabbit, Carrots

Yes, here we are talking about the most amazing and cute animal that is rabbit, about his favorite food that is carrot and this will make your acrylic nails too much cute as cuteness will be over loaded in this acrylic nail design that we are going to use for Easter festival. Apply orange nail paint on all the nails except one middle finger, now make rabbit on on one nail and with this nearest nail that will be a middle finger of yours which we have left empty and now apply white nail paint on it and make some little carrots on it with orange color and on other nails, make polka dots with white color.

3: Sky Blue and Red Polka Dots

Here we are talking about the color sky that is well known by it’s cute appearance that no other color gave. Let’s try it on our nails by giving some different texture like red and white polka dots on it. We always use polka dots on nails for making designs specially for Easter because it is one the famous design but here we are giving some different texture to it by trying out different nail paints and design. Apply sky blue and red nail paint one by one and make polka dots with white color by the help of brush.

4: Off White and Cute Yellow Chicks

Use a nail Lacquer for making cute little chicks in yellow that are only made for Easter and give them a white background.

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