Acrylic nail designs with diamonds

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A great design that i just can’t wait more to tell you about it, is diamond design that women are too much curious to know about it and m also to tell you as you know girls have a craze of having and using diamonds in rings, necklace, earrings, bangles and in many other jewellery sets. Acrylic nails have best designs of every type if we get to know about it but the most loving and smart design is acrylic nail designs with diamonds.You can also see acrylic nails designs to see different designs of nails.

Acrylic nail designs with diamonds

Diamonds are not to show that you are a rich women or you also not look rich by having diamonds on your nails. Yeah, to some extent it is true but in my view diamonds are only use to look pretty and to make our nails just elegant.

Most of the women don’t know to use diamonds for their nails, they can’t even think about it before but we made it true and so easy to know about it. Here is the list of super stylo diamonds acrylic nail designs, try it and be glamorous:

Nails full of diamonds:

This design is so simple but should be apply very precisely as they need our care and full attention. Apply diamonds on long v-shape acrylic nails and cover all or your nails with diamonds that nails got invisible and every body thinks that there are no nails just diamonds you carry with you.

Diamonds on peacock:

One of the best design for me and not for me just even for you also because after knowing this design, you are definitely going to try this and you will love to have diamond peacock. Apply some nude pink nail paint on your long acrylic nails and then design peacock feather on some nails not on all otherwise it will not look good as it have to be. Then place diamonds on only one side of feather and on the mole also. Have a loving and cute design.

Pink acrylic nails and diamonds:

Have a great pinky funky acrylic nails by using pink nail paint and apply diamonds on only one nail and fully cover it with diamonds and let all the other nails to show off pink.

Black cheetah diamonds:

The ever best combination of diamond with black cheetah print and it looks incredible and the way gorgeous, so you should try this amazing combination for your acrylic nails by designing black cheetah print and then place diamonds on it and this added texture will give it different but unique look.

White vertical diamonds and glitter:

Diamond always look great and keeps a best combination with white. So, let’s try this amazing combination for our acrylic nails. Apply white nail paint and apply diamonds on it in only a single vertical line in appropriate manner and on nail use glitter that should be golden to give it some more different texture.

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