Top Acrylic nails Pros and Cons You Should Know

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When we have a amazing topic just like acrylic nails then most of the talks we find to do and acrylic nails are one of them on which we can talk from hundreds to thousands . When the most interesting topic takes place in front of women they got so much curious about knowing and want all the information about it as much as they can. Let me tell you about acrylic nails, most of the women who are much more aware and inspired with this, knows everything about acrylic nails but here in this, i have to continue to pros and cons of it and for this purpose it is better to know about first that what are acrylic nails because half knowledge is always proved to be wrong result of what we were expecting.

Acrylic nails design are actually the fake nails that we can use over our natural nails to gave a more perfect, stylish and attractive look, we can also call it artificial nails. It is used with gel mostly. I think this information is enough for you to be well aware of acrylic nails as fake nails. It’s time to move to pros and cons, first i will tell you here about pros of acrylic nails.

Acrylic nails pros and cons

Pros of Acrylic Nails

1: Our natural nails are of so simple and neat look and then the thing comes in our mind is to deal with it by using acrylic nails over it and gave it a tremendous look. These nails looks so pretty and can be the reason to inspire some one or to attract some one with no hark work.

2: The one who have thin nails and weak to some extent that when we have to deal them with nail paint or any other substance to make it more gorgeous, it gave a very weird look that no women can like it or inspired by her nails.

3: By having the fake nails, requires less money for it’s care and less time also as it saves our money and time as well and when you spend less money then it can be the reason of your happiness too.

4: The women who always keep on chewing the nails and to cut it with their teeth can get rid from this bad habit that can make you look awkward in front of some one by applying acrylic nails as they are hard to chew off and the fear of chemicals can also stop them to chew it. So it is proved very good for such women.

5: The women who use gel nails result in a short term use of it that is not proved good for them but acrylic nails are last longer as compare to gel nails.

Cons of Acrylic Nails

1: Acrylic nails can damage your real nails because when you apply acrylic nails over your real nails, it prohibited the growth of your real nails and when nails can’t grow to their need, it may result to affect our health as well and breeding of fungus and bacteria can also be must when acrylic nails will damage your natural nails.

2: As you are well aware with these fake nails then you also know that these nails are artificial and gave a artificial ( fake ) look that is surely very nice and attractive but do not last for long, it is for a very short time, may be for a week or just some days then you have to remove it.

3: By using acrylic nails, we know that it contains strong chemicals in it and fumes that cause harmful effects to our skin and for those who have allergy of such substances.

4: When we apply fake nails, we know it’s not for long time and a time will come when we have to remove it and then we have to use some chemicals like acetone and other alcoholic substances and alcohol itself too that can definitely harm your skin or nails.

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