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Hello, kitty! one of the most adorable, cool and cute cats found all over the world and here in acrylic nail designs, we are going to talk about hello kitty, how to have hello kitty designs and of what type they will suit us. Iconic pink and white shades mixture both are the main ingredients of making hello kitty designs with polka dot tips and if you are a great lover of pink and white shades then you are at the right place to find out the best hello kitty designs that will make you a smile in a moment by viewing it.You can also see acrylic nails designs to see different designs of nails.

Cute Hello Kitty Acrylic Nail Designs:

By having hello kitty designs on your acrylic nails, you will definitely look cute and you can also show and signifies your love for cute hello kitty. Let’s have an eye on the list of hello kitty acrylic nail designs, check it out and I bet you, after seeing this, you will undoubtedly try this at home.
# Classic white, blue horizontal rows, and red bows:
Yes, here I am going to tell you about three colors that will be best for your acrylic nails this time, you have never had it before or never try it at home as before, there is no such difficulty in having hello kitty designs on your nails and it will look just cute. On first two fingers and thumb, make blue and classic white horizontal rows and on the third finger make a white kitty with red bow and on the last finer make three red bows on the white shade. You will definitely look awesome.

Red and White Shades:

If you don’t have more time to design your nails then I have a very simple and cute design for nails i.e mixture of red and white shades on first two fingers and on last little finger, apply red nail paint and white polka dots on it and on third finger and on thumb, make a cute white kitty with black polka dots as eyes and with a red bow.

Blue Kitty:

This is just so simple but a unique design that you can easily make it at home, apply blue nail paint on fingers and it should be plain blue nail paint and on thumb make a blue kitty with a white bow.

Leopard Combination For Hello Kitty:

Have you seen leopard anywhere? if yes, then have leopard combination on all the nails and give kitty a new look and make it wild, despite being cute.

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