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29 Unique Dirty Blonde Hair Styles

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When we talk about blonde hairs, the first thing come in our mind is that what is blonde hair?Because so many people still don’t know about it and its too wrong if we don’t know about anything then we should not have it before having its complete knowledge. Many types of blonde hair are winning hearts of everyone, today blonde hair colors are becoming the most admirable and beautiful and its one of the most important and unique quality is that it suits on everyone in every type of face and eye color. Now the thing is that how you will come to know about the best combination of blonde for your hairs because shades and colors are thousands in numbers and you have to choose one for you that should match your personality and should exactly of your combination.
Blondes are of different shades some are light, some are dark, some have thickness in color and shade, some of them have very light appearance. So what you have to do is just bookmark your fingers and hold your heartbeats because here you will get your dream hairs. Many of the girls, women are very choosy for their hairs, they all feel so much complexity in dying their hairs and to have a unique look as compare to others and they always want look that others don’t have it ever.

Lets move to our destination and to your ambitious blonde hairs.
We are talking about blonde so lets start it with its different type of shades and color so now we are having a start with a platinum blonde, this blonde is of very lightest hue and is best for fair skin and the person with blue eye most and dark brown eyes but the main thing is that it is a perfect match for every type of eye color as this blonde gives pale hue also sometimes.
Redhead women should do strawberry blonde as its benefits are in numbers, now redhead is not so popular because it’s become very common now a days, no need to worry if you are redheaded. We have its very easy solution for you, dye your hairs with strawberry blonde, it will give you a light red hue for your hairs that will be more good for you. You can also says that this blonde is light shade of red,and if you have fair skin with light brown eyes then it will be a perfect match.

Dirty Blonde Hair

The main type that we have to discuss here is dirty blonde hair and dirty blonde is called as the most advance and most useful blonde that you should must try it once. Dirty blonde actually gives darker shade as it is the most darker color in all of the types. It is also known as ‘dishwater’ blonde. After some days it may be turns to pale but not in all cases,in some cases it turns to pale may be after a week cause of redheads.

Sandy Blonde Hairstyle

Sandy blonde gives a light brown color or u can also say it as a mixture of brown and blonde, it is the most usable color by women with medium hairs and you must have a fairness skin for it but it also suits black skin and if you have bright blue eyes then you must try once in your life. It will surely change your thoughts about not having blonde hair.
If we are talking about baby blonde hair then keep it in mind that summer season is the best to have it. As you know summer is arriving then gear up yourself to ready for competing with summer and give your best to your hairs, many of you always visit beach in summers so baby blonde will surely work for you.

Pale Blonde Hairstyle

Most of the women wants a pale blonde then you must remember one thing while having a pale blonde for your hairs, your hair must not be redhead. Pale blonde mostly gives a yellowish shade which can compete with every blonde so don’t waste your time in thinking that you should have to choose for dying your hairs.
Have a cool blonde hair in summers, but here cool doesn’t means that you have to color your hairs with an ice or something cool, it means silver color may be dark or may be light silver, dark silver means gray color. If you have decided to go on a beach for date in summers then have a cool blonde it will give you a feel that you are the most unique person there which is more important for you.

Creamy Blonde Hairstyle

Creamy blonde is the most demanding blonde in this year if u didn’t try it then you should, cream is a mixture of golden and white color, not just used by stylist also many of the celebrities are having this for their perfection and as you know every celebrity have to appear daily with a new look but this year creamy blonde is in more demand of celebrities and if you want to have a look like celebrities then try it once, with this color part you hairs from the center let them open, straight them and you are ready for feel like celebrity that everyone wants to in their life at least at once.

White Blonde Hairstyle

White blonde is not so popular and most of the women neglect it but if you have a white blonde and you are thinking to change it then you are wrong,it is good just have a dark red lip gloss and now you are looking perfect. Dusty blonde is one of the most darkest blonde if u want to have it then remember one thing your hairs are in a wavy curls or you can also gave it wavy curl look then dusty blonde mean dark blonde is a best combination also with fair skin.
As you know golden is the most beautiful color ever and if you want to gave your hairs a unique look then try dark golden blonde , it will surely give you a unique look that every women of this era want. It is a very beautiful blonde hair color, the most popular rock singers used this color for their rocking look with purple shade lipstick and dark brown eyes will be the best combination with it ever.

Light Dirty Blonde Hair

In the above, we discussed about dirty blonde hair that is the darker blonde but if you have a complete knowledge of using blondes especially dirty blonde then you also know about light dirty blonde that is the most attractive color ever of this year as the most popular singer taylor swift have this type blonde and after reading this you are sure to have light dirty blonde for your hairs.
Yes, the most awaited color you must know about it is natural blonde. Most of the people call it a simple blonde and don’t use it but if you are saying natural blonde as a simple blonde then you are wrong here because natural blonde is only the color that gives an interesting look to you. The womens who have already used this blonde,gave good comments about it and they always says that when we walk out with a natural blonde hairs it actually gives an interesting look. But here is something more interesting that you should must know about it that others don’t. If you have decided to have this blonde then have a lavishing, thick purple shade through the tips.
We have discussed so many types of blonde shades and color above and now it’s time to move to different hair styles with different types of hair blonde.

Platinum Blonde

At the very first we talked about platinum blonde and somewhere above we also talked about white blonde , if you are having both of it then short neck hair length with soft flaxen curls will be the best for it.

Strawberry Blonde

The next we talked about strawberry blonde that is gives raspberry color to hairs if you are looking for hairstyle for this type of blonde then just make a puff for medium hairs and straight your hairs or now the trending style tousled bob can also makes you to look best with this blonde.

Sandy Blonde

Now let’s come to sand, sandy blonde that is the most lush blonde you got ever, stunning look for a beach, just part it from side and have wavy curls for it. Let them open and wave on your face.
For rock concerts, you are ready the question is how? have a dirty blonde on your hairs with a matching jewel and use purple shade lipstick to ready for rock concerts and with this you can also use dark black eye lens if you don’t have such type of eyes.

Golden Blonde Hair

If you are using golden or dark golden blonde then have medium straight hairs and roll them through end tips. But if you have light dirty blonde then loosy curls will be more good combination for it.
As mentioned above, the natural blonde always gave you an interesting look then how to make it more interesting is to have a natural loose curls with purple shades through tips. Creamy blonde is great in demand this year so have a flick puff for it and shoulder length sleek,straight hairs.

Why to Choose Dirty Blonde Hair

Dirty blonde hairs are the most lush,lavishing,attractive and is trending now a days but beside this, you can also try other types of blonde as already discussed here above.
As we share alot of information about different types of different shades of blonde hairs,hair styles , dyes. And yes here we will give you some extra and interesting even more inspiring informatin about mixtures of blonde shades:

Mixture of Different Blonde Shades

Many of the types also relates with their mixtures just like we have platinum shade of blonde and the other one is golden blonde but if you want to give yourself a different look then you can mix these blonde shades like golden platinum blonde is mostly used in hollywood and it was called one of the most glamorous blonde but now it is trending everywhere.
Have a mixture of silver and white blonde and it will give you a somewhat funky and stylo look. By using this mixture blonde for your hairs will give you a heavy metal twist just because after having such type of blonde you amazingly got an sterling look. I think you must try it once with a heavy lipstick color and heavy silver jewellery.

Golden Platinum Blonde

We talked about mixture of golden and platinum blonde also known as golden platinum blonde but now we will talk about yellow and platinum blonde mixture . Suppose you have a golden platinum blonde and you used it but the problem here is that some even most of the women don’t like to give dark shade , yes, it is true that platinum is a lightest shade of blonde but golden is not, it is to some extent dark and heavy color and by mixing it with platinum it gives heavy shade that some women do not like it . So here is a best mixture of yellow and platinum, it will give you a light funky look that is more better for such type of women who like light look, so this mixture will be yellowish platinum blonde. And by lowlight look just hits the ground.

Rooty Blonde

The rooty blonde is just above all , it is not the mixture even we can’t mix it with any other pretty shade of blonde because as a single it can compete with every blonde shade. If you have short hairs then don’t worry or don’t think that you just can’t figure out shades for your hairs because rooty blonde works best for short hairs.

Chestnut Blonde

Next coming mixture is speechless and the most viral blonde is chestnut blonde. It is actually the blend of dirty blonde and light brown that can be the reason for anyone to get mad by seeing this. With this blonde you can glow in summers and melt heart of others.

Icy-Highlights Blonde

Icy-highlights blonde is the ever best and cool blonde that actually gives you a cool look in summers. When you are around your friends, it’s too important to have such type of look, it will give you more importance among your friends that you actually need sometimes in a group. And with this icy-highlights blonde you are actually highlighted and you will feel yourself so special. Have a white hair band after using this blonde and make your eyes filled with kajal.

Beach Blonde for Long Curl Hair

Beach is the place where everybody want to go atleast one time in their life but the people that always go to beach knows the importance of it and they have to make their self always ready to go out on beach especially in summers. So i have a solution of your problem, if you have long curls hairs then beach blonde is perfect for you, it will surely give you a sun-kissed moment and will light up your face also,you will feel very comfortable by using beach blonde.

Neutral Blonde Hair

Neutral blonde is another blend of cool and warm shades of blonde . This year, neutral blonde will works and the most popular invisible blonde is neutral blonde if you had never dye your hairs then this time is the best for you to dye your hairs with this muted hue.

Bright Blonde

Bright blondes are the most usable blondes what you have to do is just brushed on bright blondes and have a funky, chunky look . It will give you a feel of natural look and it is striking every blonde.

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