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یاد بگیرید چگونه به راحتی و بدون استون به سرعت حذف ناخن

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How to remove acrylic nails without acetoneYour natural nails are of a very simple type and you want to make it look just awesome and stylish and for this purpose, you moved to replace your natural nails with a fake one. You call it acrylic nails and these acrylic nails make your nails to look awesome and stylish one that every woman expect to have like original but this is not for the whole life.

When you use acrylic nails that are not original, these are fake nails but stylish one so all women prefer these nails to use instead of their natural nails. At this point, you get to know that all fake things are just for some time not for always. When you use it the first time, it looks very beautiful and we just forget that after a week or a month it comes to a messy level or gave a mess up stuff that is too much rough in looking and now you want to get rid of these ناخن طرح.
There is a lot of methods to remove acrylic nails but we will discuss here only one main and very useful method that will help you in removing your fake nails that are come to a rough point now and you can’t tolerate it more.

چگونه برای حذف ناخن بدون استون

We can also remove acrylic nails by using acetone but it is not used as many problems are created with this. Most of the people are complaining that by using acetone it harms our natural nails and also be the cause of irritation. So by using acetone, it may cause harmful effects on your natural nails, you have to be very careful about your real nails because once it affected, it’s too much difficult or even impossible to get it back. But no need of getting worried, I have the one best method to remove all the acrylic nails without using acetone and it will be useful and this one method is given right below and these methods are explained step by step, so you can easily understand it and can remove without taking help of any other person, you can do it by your self very easily.

Method: A very easy method of removing acrylic nails by using dental floss.
گام 1: The first thing you need to remove acrylic nails is cuticle stick and the others are dental floss each for one nail, buffer and a nail clipper.

گام 2: By having all these things now you are ready to remove your acrylic nails without taking help of someone. Take a cuticle stick of any type and start sliding the nail and start it from the back side and you should be very careful while using cuticle stick and just like this, slide all other nails.

گام 3: If your acrylic nails are so long then cut it first with a nail clipper and then slide the nail by using cuticle stick.

گام 4: Now take a dental floss and put it beneath the nail and start sliding it over the nail and slowly remove the nail, same like this, do on all other nails too.

گام 5: With the help of sliding dental floss, you will definitely be able to remove all the nails very easily. As you know when you use acrylic nails for a long time, your real nails are become very rough and in very odd shape so for this purpose, you can use a buffer.

گام 6: Take a buffer and start rubbing your nails with a buffer and after this, you will get your beautiful natural nails back.

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