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39 Lady Magnets G-Eazy Hairstyle for Men

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Many hairstyles are waiting for you which can makes you to look just out class and it is too important to catch this line that you should must be always up to date through every type of fashion either it is for skin,clothes or for your hairs. You should keep it up to date because you and every other person must be aware of every new trending fashion.
Here i am going to tell you about the ever best and fabulous hairstyle which every men should try. It will be helpful not only on main events but it also works great in your normal outgoing days that is G-Eazy hairstyle that can makes a person to look just fabulous and coolest person. Many of you are well aware with this hairstyle but some of them don’t know about this and keep on finding about such hairstyle.G-Eazy Hairstyle for Men

Why Choose a G-Eazy Hairstyle?

G-Eazy hairstyle is a hairstyle that is most used by office people because it just give a unique cool office look or by having this,you also look like a businessman but the younger’s don’t want this look. They just want to keep look that make them cool and rocking person so here i will also discuss about how to keep this hairstyle in different ways.
Let’s move to the way how to make this hairstyle, this G-Eazy hairstyle is the quite simple style that you can easily make it at home daily, you don’t need to go to your stylist and it will make your day more easy because it’s a light style and will not make you feel uncomfortable even with this style you will feel so easy in every kind of work that you have to do that day.

G-Eazy Hairstyle for Men Step by Step

  1. Wet your hairs and Dry them by using towel. After this check your hairs length by putting front side hairs at the front side if they are just above your nose then you are going to have a great and perfect hairstyle but if your hairs are long then later we will move to that style. The next thing which you have to do is comb your hairs from back to front first and then front to back and to side and keep on combing for about 2 minutes must.
  2. After combing your hairs, part your hairs from one side by using end of comb from your crown at the back to front.Then take pomade or any other type of product, it’s up to you.
    What you have to do with pomade is just dip your first three finger tips and then rub it on your both hands well. After doing so, work the pomade into your hairs and coat all the hairs well by moving your hands from front to back and then to side part also from front to back.
  3. Keep on coating your hairs with pomade and also add it on side from where you have parted it. Now again comb your hairs with a fine thin side of comb from front to back and to side part also same like this. Again warm your hairs with pomade and at side part also but more on other hairs, use excess of this product according to your desire.
  4. Comb your hairs just like above and from side part slightly comb it from front to back and also use free hand on it and yes now you got the final look just chill with this fine stunning cool look.

G-Eazy Hairstyle for Long Hair

Let’s come to those people who have long hairs on front side and remember one thing, in G-eazy hairstyle, hairs at back side should be very short. For long hairs, do same as above just after using pomade give it a final touch up by moving some front strips of hairs and put them at front side you will got a great fabulous look.
You can also keep this hairstyle in different ways like high side faded part or short side part or you can remove all the hairs from side part by using clipper but the most advance and trending hairstyle is that i have discussed about above.

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