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Ib qho yooj yim lub neej Hacks rau Tshem Acrylic tes tsis muaj tshuaj

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How to remove acrylic nails with out chemicalsAcrylic nails are the best artificial nails that most of the women prefer to use it instead of keep on going with their natural nails. But it’s true that natural thing is for always but artificial is only for some time and that really does not matter because the thing that is for minimum time really doesn’t matter.

The women who are passionate about using acrylic nails also face problem after using these nails for a week or some days because it becomes messy and needs to take off and then you have to get rid of these acrylic nails. Yog li ntawd, don’t go anywhere, I have the best solution of removing it without the use of any type of chemical. Most of the people want to take off their nails but can’t because they think that chemicals can harm their nails and the skin and it is true, most of the chemicals contain dangerous reactive chemicals that cause so many problems. I am going to tell you about the solution of removing acrylic nails without chemicals.

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How to Remove Acrylic Nails without Chemicals?

Let’s have a move to our method that is given below stepwise but first check out the requirements that are listed below.

1: Cuticle oil
2: Nail polish
3: Nail clipper
4: Nail file
5: Nail buffer
6: Soap
7: Freshwater


Kauj ruam 1: Take a clipper and trim your extra ends of acrylic nails very precisely so that it can not cut the nail more that it can hurt you or maybe can cause bleeding, so you have to be very careful while trimming.

Kauj ruam 2: Take a nail file grit of higher because the higher it will be, more it makes the nail thin to take off more easily.

Kauj ruam 3: After good use of buffer on all the nails and clean it with a piece of clothing then use your favorite nail polish on it and again use a fine grit of 80 rau 150 or more higher it’s up to you.

Kauj ruam 4: When buffing will be complete that it makes it thinner layer to be removed very easily then soak your nails in a cuticle oil, cuticle oil must be placed on a plate, so that you can easily soak your fake nails in a cuticle oil for about maximum 30 feeb.

Kauj ruam 5: Take off your nails from cuticle oil and wash it with soap and fresh water and you will be surprised when it will be removed very easily with no difficulty.

This solution is very easy and cheap that you can perform this at your home by yourself and is free of cost.

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