Sick of Acrylic Nails? How to Make Acrylic Nails Stop Lifting

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Nails lifting is a very controversial problem as only some of the people face this problem but most of them don’t, so we can say it as a controversial problem because most people are questioning that why it only causes to some, not to all. So the matter is actually not that everybody uses acrylic nails and this problem is faced by only some people, here in this, I will tell about this matter, why it is only seen in some people and first I will come to its causes.You can also see acrylic nails designs to see different designs of nails.

How to Make Acrylic Nails Stop Lifting?

Its causes are in numbers but some of the main will be discussed here:

1) Natural oils: Have a look at your natural nails, just like some of the people have oily skin due to the presence of natural oil. Natural oil is good for skin and for other body parts but it is only good when it will be according to our need but when more than our need, this is present then it is not good, just like they make our skin oily, exactly like this they also make our nails oily that is bad and when you apply acrylic nails on it, nails are lifted.

2) Moisture: When on nails, moisture is present it can also be the cause of nails lifting, so we have to remove it first by drying it.

3) By using force on nails while working and doing some other activities which involve the work of nails.

4) While typing, keypunching, chewing nails.

5) When we use our nails as a screwdriver or as such tool then it may cause even definitely cause lifting of nails.

6) Due to filling friction or any kind of heat can also be the reason for lifting nails and also diseased nail plate if medication perfection not is checked precisely.


Now I will tell you, how you can prevent nails from lifting, the best and most useful method is the drying method by using no lift nail primer. This method is explained in just three steps and it will really help you from stop lifting.

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is remove the pterygium, and it’s also important to know first what is pterygium because most of the people don’t know about it, actually it is the thinner skin present in eyes, nails and in many other parts but here we are talking about it present in nails, the cuticle overlaps the pterygium and first it should be removed. For this purpose, take a gray buff and fold it, now use its sharp edge and it will easily slide cuticle back and pterygium will be exposed. Now buff it lightly.

Step 2: As above in causes, I have told you about oil present on the nails can lift it up, so it’s important to remove it by using flat surface of gray buff, lengthwise and diagonally and now clean the excess dust present on nails with the help of using dust brush.

Step 3: Now the last thing you have to apply no lift nail primer with the help of no lift primer brush and be sure that is completely sanitized before using and after being used. Clean the brush with alcohol, wipe it dry before using, it may also contain bactericide and fungicide. Now apply primer through edge that it flows back to the cuticle and continue applying it and do it thoroughly until it reaches the cuticle.

These were the three easy steps that you have to follow and next time you will not face this problem of nails lifting again.

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