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Jesu Akril Nokti ranjavanje? Kako napraviti akril nokte stop ranjavanje

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By the usage of acrylic nails maybe, not maybe, definitely give you a feel like a queen. They look so pretty and surely enhances the beauty of your hands., that original nails fail to do so. But this beautiful thing is just for some time, it does not last for a long but before this, we also face the other problem that is of hurting our self. Hurt due to acrylic nails has two sections, in the first section, acrylic nails cause soreness when we apply it on our natural nails and in the second section, acrylic nails hurt us when we have to remove them. Here I will tell you about both sections of its hurting, it’s causes and remedy to stop hurting.You can also see akril nokte dizajna vidjeti različite dizajne nokte.

Kako napraviti akril nokte stop ranjavanje?

How to make acrylic nails stop hurting

So let’s move to our first section that is of acrylic nails cause soreness when applied on our natural nails, first I will tell you about its causes, it may cause due to apply acrylic nails with a glue and that glue may be cheaper or expired that when applied can cause redness or any type of irritation, glues are so many different kinds and we have to be very careful in the selection of glue that we are going to use for our fake nails.

The other reason may be due to too much buffing on acrylic nails that it makes them no thicker that we want to need and it can cause even bleeding too after it’s used for a couple of times. And the main reason when we don’t go to a salon to apply these nails and try at home without any experience then we do a mistake in placing a nail somewhere on the skin and the contact with skin can cause too much pain and bleed too.

These were the reasons of causing soreness when we apply it on our nails, here I will tell you about how to make them stop hurting us.
Prvi, we have to take some precautions, if you are not experiencing yet then don’t try it at home, go to the best salon for applying, use the best glue for applying this and take care that it should not contact with skin, very precisely place it on your natural nails. But still you have the problem of sore then apply it daily and time to time you will become used too of it and the pain will stop itself and if it cause bleeding or swelling then remove it urgently and use any anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen and sometimes another cause also be possible, by the use of long-term nails, there may be the presence of fungus and it is possible, it will be between natural and acrylic nails then use any antifungal medicine for it and urgently take off your acrylic nails.

In the second section, soreness can cause while removing it, when we use any kind of force for removing it, it can hurt us even very severe, we should remove it by using acetone, cutex, nail polish remover or warm water, these all are safe except acetone. Mostly it causes soreness, redness, tenderness, swelling or any other symptom due to inappropriate use of acetone as acetone is highly reactive and harsh.
The best solution of this problem that we should use petroleum jelly on the skin that surrounds the nail so that it does not react but if the problem is still then it can be serious, do not wait urgently see your doctor.

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