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Cute Bun Hairstyle Step by Step Easy Procedure

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All the women from starting always love to make bun as they feel so much comfortable with that especially in summer season but modern women use this hairstyle in winter season also and that is the ever most loved one style for winters this gap style is just because trend of making a bun is changed now. At first, women only make bun little upward from the neck but now a lot of styles are introduced to change that old bun trend and women’s are so much inspired by all the new bun hairstyles.

Bun hairstyle step by step

Today i am going to teach you how to make a bun of your hairs step by step. While making bun, make yourself sure about it that you are expert in making many hairstyles and this is important because if you are not then no problem but you will definitely face might be some difficulty in making perfect bun but after trying three or four times you will be able to make it perfect. The main problem of women is that they try only one time and when they failed in doing so then they just leave it and don’t ever want to try it again. But it’s wrong try at least two or more than two times because perfection need trials.

So i am going to start making a bun but first i will tell for medium length hairs. All the medium length hair women, gear up yourself because you are going to try a funky,chunky bun. Just follow the steps as given below:

ステップ 1:

Wet your hairs with a fresh water hair spray and then dry it first with towel then with hair dryer. If your hairs are curly then after using hair dryer, you can straight it with fast brush hair straightener, it will give you a best hair look and will help in making a bun perfect.

ステップ 2:

Comb or brush your hairs, it’s up to you but to comb hairs will be more good for it. Remove all the tangles if present.

ステップ 3:

Part your hairs from front top middle side and then tie it with a pony at the back, bit upward from the neck.

ステップ 4:

Hold pony tail in your hand and put one finger on the pony and move the hairs round, your hairs are of middle length then in three rounds it will be finished and now check that your hairs are around a pony and your finger is right at the center.

ステップ 5:

Remove your finger from that point and tie the end side of tail with a black pin under the hairs that it should be completely invisible and also check that your hairs are around of pony and there should be a space between middle point and round tail.

ステップ 6:

Now you can use hair spray of any type on hairs so that your bun looks perfect and a simple and easiest way of making a bun is here.
For long hairs: All the steps will be same just you have to make a bun right above your ears and part hairs from front side in flick puff and pony tail rounds will be four or five or may be more than it, it only depends on your hair type and hairs length.

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