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Fall / Winter Hair көрүнүш 2018 текшерүү

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Аялдар бул багыттары тууралуу билүү үчүн өтө эле кызык болуп саналат. At the start of every year all the women just keep on finding for their new hair look according to the season and according to the latest fashion. Most of the hair styles in fall season is to tie up your hairs. It is good but everybody is tired of it, they always want something new in fall season. So checkout here latest hair trend of 2017.

Fall Winter Hair Trend

You will also find all of that styles which you want. This will work not only for fall also for winter. So just have a look on this latest trend and have a funkiest, stylo, beach waves etc.

Long Pony Tail

You hairs look great if they have a smashy color with a sleek, straight hair then you must do a color for puff like dark brown and part it on left side, make a puff and tie all other hairs with a pony and gave a long tail look. Take one very small clip and clip your hairs at upper side of pony. If color of your pony is black then white clip should be suitable if otherwise black clip will suit if your pony is white and these two colors are the best combination in this season.Long Pony Tail

Dome Hairs Burgundy

While going out from home, you must have a simple and different look but in a disastrous way only if you are walking out in normal days. Brush your hair make a dome at front side but of normal size, not so bigger otherwise it will look awkward and other other hairs open at the back side. If you want to make it look disastrous and terrific then dye your hair with a burgundy color but keep in mind one thing only dye that part of hair of which you have to make a dome. It will give you a better look and now you are ready to go out for a walk.

Shoulder Length Puff

Black hairs are the most beautiful color and in 2017 if you have black color hairs then first have a shoulder length layer cut but layers should only on left side and from right side. Take off all the hairs put it on left side, cut first two luts layer wise, part your hairs and make a perfect puff. If you want to have a look more dangerous for anyone to fell off then have a chocolate lipstick color with this look and silver earrings.

Shoulder Length Puff

Simple Look

In normal days, for those people who don’t like to look stylish but to want a simple look of their match then it will be perfect for them. Just part your hairs from between and straight all of your hairs. If you have wavy hairs then don’t straight it just brush your hairs with a round brush. Start it from the cheeks side to the end. If you have medium length hairs then it will be more good.

Fishtail Braids

The one and the most beautiful look that you must have it once is fishtail braids. It’s so simple brush your hairs, put it on left front side. Make 2 tails, take one lut from one side and put it on the other side. Now Take one lut from the same side and put it on the other side, Continue doing same and at last tie it with pony at the end side and make a flick puff also.

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